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Pool Heating

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Products and services

Water Heating Systems

There are various types of heating systems. The most commonly used in South Africa are the ones described below.  

  • Solar pool heating panels
  • Pool heat pumps
  • Solar geysers
  • Geyser heat pumps
  • Solar equipment

Solar Pool Heating Panels

The most effective, solar heating panels for your swimming pool, using inert black plastic polymers that cannot be corroded by pool chemicals or eroded by water. Designs with individual tubes allow the roof to breathe, dry out. Individual tube design also reduce wind load, reducing the need for complicated mounting systems. Solar pool heating panels are installed on the north facing roof for maximum sun coverage during a solar day.

Pool Heat Pumps

Swimming pool heat pumps are very effective and cost effective to run. Used for Olympic swimming pools, domestic swimming pools, industrial water heating, guest houses, hotels, government swimming pools, you get the picture, basically to heat large amounts of water, like pools etc.

Solar Geysers

The best way to save on your eskom electrical account is by installing a Solnet Solar Geyser. It consists of a solar geyser with a flat plate collector and also has a electrical backup system in case of overcast, rainy or load shedding days.  Again solar geysers and collectors are placed on the north facing roof for maximum sun coverage during a solar day.  See our solar geyser section.

Geyser Heat Pumps

Geyser heat pumps work on electrical power to heat the water inside your geyser.

Solar Equipment

Solar voltaic panels, (below), used in conjunction with your solar geyser installation if the need arises.

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look at our video page on, how solar works...

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solar pool panels

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Why solar

  • It's Cost effective
  • It's Sustainable
  • It's Eco Friendly
  • It's Energy saving
  • It's the Future
  • It's Affordable

Solar Finance

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Solar Systems

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